• ZhuoHang Group was established in 2012. It’s a diversified company integrating 【10bet博彩体育app】Real estate development, business investment, the research and production of security engineering, engineering machinery leasing and engineering [10bet手机版]Installation.

    Guangxi Zhuohang electronic technology Co., Ltd, the precursor of ZhuoHang Group was established in 2005. By dint of forward-looking decisions, technology and professional service,  Zhuohang achieved great development rapidly. It now has more than 100 employees and a large circle of the top domestic and foreign clients and becomes leading enterprise of security industry in Guangxi.

    With the business expansion, Zhuohang began to launch diversified strategies. It formed several wholly owned subsidiaries, including Guangxi ZhuoHang investment co., Ltd, Guangxi ZhuoHang 【10bet博彩体育app】Real estate development co., Ltd, Guangxi Zhuohang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, ZhuoHang Minle branch, Guangxi ZhuoHang construction equipment rental co., Ltd, Guangxi ZhuoHang construction [10bet手机版]Installation engineering co., Ltd and Guangxi GuiCan trading co., Ltd. Those began to conduct Collectivizing management. These available measures promoted ZhuoHang Group to be set up successfully. The rapid development in many industries is the essential basis that makes Zhuohang’s prospects brighter.  

    We can expect the future about the company. Based on regional economic development, Zhuohang will take full advantage of diverse industry of group and the synergistic effect. According to improve the level of specialization and standardized management, Zhuohang will compose a brilliant chapter and become bigger and stronger.
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