Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery- the largest 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery in China's western provinces

The project of Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery is 104 acres. The total construction area is 36000 square meters with a total investment of 341 million yuan. It’s the largest provincial 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery in China at present. It is a major public welfare project in Guangxi and located in core area of the new five elephant district. There are Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery, Guangxi Museum of calligraphy, Chinese (Guangxi) carving art museum and Yang Tai Yang gallery. This large comprehensive provincial art museum majors in exhibition, exchange, studies, inheritance and collection. Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery opened to the public on January 18, 2013.It is among mountains of five elephant hill forest Park.

The main building made of gypsum geometry containing changing of art genres. The designs shows features such as unity, harmony and open through Zhuang brocade, ornamentation of bronze drums and so on which displays Guangxi ethnic characteristics. The distinctive structure of Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery constitutes the most natural material. It looks like gypsum geometry through the camera of a drone.

In the first floor, there are multi-function hall, multimedia playing hall, VIP reception room and other logistics service facilities. There are 15 exhibition halls from the second to the fourth floor. The exhibition is 1700 meters length, and the area is about 10000 square meters. The boutique exhibition hall adopts the technology of gas extinguishing, constant temperature and humidity. It has the most strict security measures and the functions of international collections exchange, exhibition function.
Guangxi Zhuohang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd undertook the he security system project of Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery in each stadium. This project provides Guangxi 10bet官网中文网址:Art Gallery the tightest security protection system by using the international first-class security technology.
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