• The city life is colorful. Playgrounds such as restaurants, bars, KTV became the best place to play and relax. We can see Zhuohang as well in these places: Odie casino, Parkson entertainment club, Kingston casino, the 21st century club, Golden year entertainment city, Phoenix hotel, California red bar, Free space bar. Hongxing bar, Rixin bar, Hoyo Banquet, Nanning Yinghe hotel, Jiahe hotel, Wuming hotel, Yunde hotel, Long Jing hotel, GuiPing ChangTai hotel, WangXing hotel, the south lake hotel, JingHu hotel, Emgrand hotel, DongXing sunshine holiday hotel, PingXiang garden hotel, Pingxiang GuangYue international hotel, BeiHai overseas Chinese holiday and so on.

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