• Guangxi Museum of Art weak system project passed the completion acceptance
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    Guangxi Museum of Art is a major public welfare project in Guangxi. The project is located in the core area of Wuxiang New District in Nanning. It is a large-scale comprehensive provincial art museum with display, communication, research, inheritance and collection as its main functions. On January 18, 2013, the Guangxi Art Museum was opened. The newly-built Guangxi Art Museum covers an area of 104 mu with a total construction area of 36,000 square meters and a total investment of 341 million yuan. The overall architectural form of the Guangxi Art Museum is “four halls”, including the Guangxi Art Museum, the Guangxi Calligraphy Museum, the China (Guangxi) Seal Art Museum and the Yang Sun Art Museum. As the largest art museum in the western provinces of China, the completion of the Guangxi Art Museum will fill the gap in Guangxi's large-scale art and art exhibitions, providing a new platform for Guangxi's cultural industry development and cultural and artistic exchanges, and will become China's regional art for Southeast Asia. Art Research Center, Collection Exhibition Center, Academic Exchange Center.

    In the Guangxi Museum of Art project, Guangxi Zhuohang Group undertook the weak current system project in the whole project, including: TV signal engineering, TV monitoring system, communication engineering, intelligent fire engineering, sound reinforcement and sound engineering, and integrated wiring engineering. In addition, it has brought perfect sound and light effects to the works of art at the Guangxi Art Museum, providing a better artistic atmosphere for the public to watch.

    Group photo of Mr. Ruan Jianjian, Chairman of the Group, and key personnel of the Art Museum project team at the opening ceremony of the Guangxi Art Museum

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