Zhuohang Group Binyang Kaizhi Middle School launched the "Zhuo Hang Aid, Love and Dream" teaching activities
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    “Guangxi Zhuohang Investment Group announced that from December 1, 2017, it will set up a student fund project of “Zhuo Hang Aid, Love and Dream”, with a total amount of 500,000 yuan. The first batch of student activities will be 10 years. Students who have excellent academic performance and realize their dreams of learning."

    On the afternoon of January 2, the “School of Dreams, Love and Help” fund-issuing fund was held in Kaizhi Middle School, Litang Town, Binyang County. Entrusted by Mr. Jian Jianjian, Chairman of Zhuohang Group, Director Sun Xiuli attended the ceremony and brought a love to the students in the school who are facing difficulties in studying.

    Kaizhi Middle School is the alma mater of Mr. Jian Jianjian. Over the years, he has always remembered his alma mater's training for him, and missed his dear alma mater. He often cares about teachers and schoolmates, and is committed to the selfless dedication of Kaizhi people. Seriously study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, and hope to make a little contribution to the alma mater with its own strength.

    The Zhuohang Group funded the Loyalty Scholarship to 11 difficult students and funded high school graduation. At the end of the ceremony, the students were given warm shoes and love pillows, which brought a warmth to their cold winter. They also promoted the good dedication of giving love and helping the poor.

    All along, Zhuohang Group has actively fulfilled and taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities, hoping to give love, convey warmth and more positive energy to the society through practical actions. These funded students are the hope of every family. Helping them is to save a family and make these families have a better future. I hope that in the future, when they enter the society, they can help more people in need, and they always have gratitude and warmth more people.

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