The staff of the heart department reached out to help the hand and returned to the hospital to send the banner.
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    On June 19th, the manager of the marketing department of the group, Tian Jing, presented the banner of “Benevolence and Entity, the staff of the company; the charity in the snow, the warmth of the human world” to the chairman of the labor union, Li Jianling, to express the chairman and group company and Thanks to colleagues.On the evening of April 18, 2018, Tian Jing's mother entered the ICU of Jiangbin Hospital for emergency treatment of acute multiple organ failure. The daily medical expenses were about 15,000 yuan. This is undoubtedly an astronomical figure for an ordinary working family.After the chairman and several senior executives were informed of the situation, they took the lead in time. Under this inspiration, the company's employees have generously donated money and donated money. Helped the Tian Jing family to temporarily tide over the difficulties.At the flag-raising ceremony, Li Jianling, chairman of the group's labor union, accepted the banner on behalf of the company. Li Jianling inquired in detail about the current situation of Tian Hao’s manager and wished her a speedy recovery. Manager Tian Jing holds the hand of Chairman Li tightly and said that he must work hard in the future to repay the care of the group companies and colleagues. The gratitude is beyond words.

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