1. Zhuohang Group donated cultural stone unveiling ceremony to Kaizhi Middle School
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    On the morning of August 19th, the “Xiangming” cultural stone donated by Zhuohang Group held an unveiling ceremony at Kaizhi Middle School in Binyang County. The cultural stone was engraved with the word “Xiangming” on the front, and the engraving of Kaizhi Middle School was engraved on the back. history. Mr. Jian Jianjian, Chairman of Guangxi Zhuohang Group, and other leaders and guests, Mr. Meng Xufu, Member of the Standing Committee of the former Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director Chen Hao of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangxi District, all the leaders of the school attended the unveiling ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment.

    Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the School and Vice President Qin Hai

    Leaders and guests of Guangxi Zhuohang Group

    Mr. Ruan Jianjian delivered a speech and shared his feelings in three aspects.

    1.responsibility.The rise and fall, everyone is responsible. Always remember your responsibilities and burdens, find opportunities to contribute to the education of your hometown, and contribute to Kaizhi Middle School.

    2.thanksgiving.With gratitude, we can continue to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of serving the society and giving back to others, so that we can better work, live and learn.

    3.Prospect.Kaizhi Middle School has a profound cultural heritage and is a good place to study and study, and cultivate many outstanding talents. In the future, toward a bright future, toward the light, do not forget the initial heart, and move forward.

    Chairman Ruan Jianjian delivered a speech

    President Liu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Zhuohang Group for his contributions. Mr. Jian Jianjian not only made important contributions to the society in all walks of life, but also won a good social reputation. Over the years, I have dedicated my efforts to the construction of my alma mater in different ways. I hope that the alumni will continue to care about their alma mater and jointly contribute ideas for the development of their alma mater, and welcome alumni to come back often.

    President Liu Huiqian delivered a speech

    Seeking: Try your best to find the truth and explore. It can also be understood as a state of mind that is unwilling to give up easily and persevere.
    Siyuan: People do not forget the source of happiness when they are happy.
    Xiang Ming: The meaning of "Xiangming" has the meaning of diligently managing the school. It can also be understood as longing for the light, pursuing the light, and starting from a better tomorrow.

    As a beautiful landscape of the campus, the “Xiangming” cultural stone will become an important part of the campus cultural landscape. It will have a prominent theme of campus culture, aggregating the spirit of campus culture, cohesive morale of teachers and students, and the image of outreaching schools. Significance.

    Zhuohang Group leaders and Kaizhi Middle School leaders take a group photo

    I hope that this unveiling ceremony will bring more people of love to join the public welfare and work with the local government to make a contribution to the development of our Kaizhi Middle School.

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