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Building a better life and dream
With the fundamental concept of “everything is harmonious and peaceful”, Zhuohang Group is devoted to building city dream and creating better living condition.
“Small companies service for individuals and big companies contribute to the society”. Through creating more social fortune, enhancing brand influence and donating for public welfare, Zhuohang Group returns the society care and support, and creates a better life for the public.

Through offering clients all kinds of products and services, Zhuohang Group creates a better life to thanks for the clients’ trust and following.

Through a sustained, rapid and sound development, the construction of corporate culture and the system that constantly improves, Zhuohang Group offers Ideal space for development, good working conditions and the pay to return employees’ loyalty and giving. Zhuohang will build a better life and dream for all staffs.

2、Strategic target
To listed among China Top 500 companies
Based on the economic development of the northern Gulf of Guangxi, Zhuohang will take full advantage of diverse industry of group and the synergistic effect. According to improve the level of specialization and standardized management, Zhuohang will compose a brilliant chapter and become bigger and stronger. In a short time, it will become one of the top 100 companies in China even all over the world.

Be cautious, Persistence,advance bravely Zhuohang Group keeps moving in that clear direction with the concentration and cautions and makes efforts to be a leader in the same industry.

4、Market theory
Sincerity ,Innovation, Cooperation, Win-Win Zhuohang Group respects the needs of clients and offers clients all kinds of products and services which exceed clients’ expectation.Being oriented by the market, Zhuohang Group is good at grasping and following the change of the main trend .

5、Working idea
location: remain the most favorable position              
tremendous absorptive: absorb all kind of successful resources
kind: obtain the best relationship with kindness
keep one's word: do whatever you say
effective: fruitful management
availability: play your best ability to do things

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