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        Engineering design, construction and sales are the main service of Zhuohang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In recent years, there are many 10bet中文 such as Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Its total area is 15 million square meters. It contains 14 exhibition halls of different size, 3, 000 standard booths. In the projects of ⅠandⅡ, Zhuohang won the spread acclaim in the industry. In the following years, Zhuohang undertook many kinds of 10bet中文, such as Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department, the public security department under the provincial government, Communications Bureau of Autonomous Region, Autonomous region library, QinZhou maritime bureau, BeiHai maritime bureau, FangCheng Port, QinZhou Port, Guigang traffic bureau control station, BinYang LeMa toll station, Western Guangxi Highway Administration and ChongZuo BanLi toll station. The engineering quality is as good as before.

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