Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum-the largest provincial [10bet官网]Planning Museum in China

    Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum is the largest exhibition hall. On November 8, 2011, Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum was opened in the new five elephant district. The completion of Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum marked that the project of “three hall, three streets” has made a major breakthroughs and the comprehensive development and the conditions are ripe for constructing the new five elephant district.

    The design of Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum has a great sense of modernity and strong visual impact. The exhibition area is divided into three floors. The first floor has lobby, Guangxi overview hall, Guangxi planning hall, science experience hall, friendship hall, Guangxi Pavilion of Shanghai expo; the second floor has Core model hall, urban planning hall and Guangxi reclamation hall; the third floor has “window of world and ASEAN cooperation” hall, Guangxi "twelfth five-year" planning exhibition hall and hall of beauty in Guangxi.

    Guangxi [10bet官网]Planning Museum mainly shows the level of urbanization and construction and promotes the city's cultural and economic information. It becomes a window of attraction for overseas investment and economic technology culture communication platform of annual ASEAN expo. It has played a positive role in promoting economic and social development in Guangxi and urban and urban and rural planning.  

    Zhuohang, by dint of its high quality products and the trust of clients, took part in some project construction. At the same time, it gives back to the society and people.

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