1. Administrative assistant
      1、To help administration manager to complete the company administrative affairs and the daily work of the department
      2、Assist in purchasing, maintaining and managing fixed assets, office supplies and sundries procurement, maintenance and management. Statistics and management of administrative expense.
      3、To draw up deliver notices, documents and memos To assist to organize company activities and conferences
      4、Meeting arrangements: preparing for meetings,minutes of meeting,track the progress of meetings
      5、 Supervision and implementation rules
      6、Management of documents and the press
      7、Expense reimbursement of department
      8、Reservation of hotel and ticket
      9、Maintain the daily order and office environment
      10、Other work assigned by the leader

      1、Bachelor degree of business administration, administrative management human resources and other related with more than 3 years experience
      2、Age: 24-30 years old, standard Mandarin, a meter of eight height and above, good image and temperament
      3、Skilled in ms office operation and office automation equipment
      4、Excellent ability of writing,communication and organization with good teamwork spirit
      5、Careful,work independently,ensure that the schedule is completed
      6、Please send your resume with photo

      CEO Assistant     
      1、Assist the chairman for company operation management and coordination, timely convey the instructions, urge and inspect the implementation of each work
      2、 According to the chairman's instructions,assist chairman to research about company management situation and put forward relevant ideas and suggestions for reference.
      3、Responsible for the top meeting preparation of company,  follow up the work after meeting
      4、Answer phone calls chairman office, send and receive fax, deal with the chairman's letter and reception work
      5、Complete file registration, archives and filing, etc, ;according to the need of the chairman, drafting work summary and related documents at each stage, and is responsible for the classification and submission of all kinds of documents
      6、Accompany board chairman to attend the foreign activities and timely write out propaganda draft
      7、 Assist the chairman to manage departments, coordinate the relationship between various departments and deal with the daily affairs;
      8、Responsible for the daily schedule, notify the relevant person
      9、 Completes the secrecy work, strictly abide by company security regulations;
      10、According to needs chairman, complete other work assigned by the chairman.

      1、More than 30 years old, master and above degree,  major in business management, administrative management, enterprise management, financial and investment and relevant,  MBA of well-known colleges is preferred; more than 3 years related experience
      2、Strong logical thinking, good ability to handle daily affairs and business negotiation ability
      3、Comprehensive knowledge structure, understand building engineering, project management, legal and financial knowledge, can quickly grasp all kinds of knowledge related to company business, be familiar with the investment in 【10bet博彩体育app】Real estate field is preferred;
      4、Have a certain understanding of enterprise management, have good analysis ability;
      5、Good English spoken and written skills
      6、Have strong ability of document processing, familiar with document writing formats, can write all kinds of office documents
      7、Skilled in ms office operation and office automation equipment
      8、Strong organization, coordination, communication skills, the ability of judgment and decision making, negotiation, planning and implementation capacity
      9、Completes the secrecy work, good professional quality, strong professional dedication, team cooperation spirit

      Marketing specialist 4
      Job description:
      1、Develop and visit clients, establish and maintain relationships with clients and internal parties, communicate with the internal departments
      2、Assist the managers and marketing department for a variety of public business planning and management
      3、Reception, making travel arrangements, accompanied, coordination
      4、assist the general manager for big customer business negotiations
      5、Responsible for independently follow up client project and access to information, establish good trust relationship, maintain and enhance long-term relations with big clients.
      6、Continuously exploit new markets and clients, set up and maintain company's brand and image
      7、Public relations and crisis management
      8、Familiar with the company and competitor's market conditions, master professional knowledge and sales skills
      9、Finish other work assigned by the leader

      1、College degree or above, marketing major is preferred
      2、At least 2 years of industry experience, familiar with business etiquette, have the ability to independently develop relationship resources, steadfast diligent and enterprising, good at social, diligent in thinking
      3、Have good business negotiation skills and marketing ability, has the strong relationship management ability, communication skill, strong judgment, planning and execution
      4、Positive and cheerful personality, good image and characteristic, has the strong sense of responsibility, good team work spirit, professional dedication, good professional quality;
      5、Highly work enthusiasm, willing to work under pressure, know self motivation and pressure conversion.

      1、Responsible for managing accounting voucher making and verifying accounting income, costs, expenses, taxes and transactions, as well as the year-end financial statements according to the relevant provisions of the company accounting system and accounting management
      2、Accounting reports preparation ,tax declaration and other matter according to the relevant accounting standard of department
      3、Responsible for data collection of business contract, accounting vouchers, account books, statements and other accounting
      4 、Extraction of depreciation for plant assets, participate in the annual balance of inventory work, review the company employee wages
      5、Assist the leader to perfect the system construction, the internal control, personnel training, etc.
      6、Issue external financial statements internal superior leadership for all types of financial statements and financial data on time
      7、Make an inventory of inventory , check up account with cash, supervise and check the money use
      8、Complete other daily financial work assigned by supervisors

      1、Bachelor degree or above of finance, accounting, auditing or relevant, have accountant's practice qualification
      2、3 years financial working experience and above in 【10bet博彩体育app】Real estate industry
      3、Be proficient in national finance and tax law, financial accounting, financial management, financial analysis, financial forecasting and financial and so on.
      4、Familiar with national accounting laws and regulations, understand the tax laws and regulations and relevant tax policy;
      5、Familiar with banking and tax process
      6、Skilled application of office software, and KIS financial software
      7、Good at organization, communication and resistance pressure
      8、Familiar with the industry and company business scope, business processes and accounting method
      9、Strong logical thinking ability, good data statistics and financial analysis skills
      10、Be careful, proficient skills in communication, learning and execution, to be able to coordinate well with other departments and other units

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