1. In order to adapt to the needs of national cadre system reform and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of retired cadres, Guangxi Party committee and Guangxi People's Government established Guangxi 10bet手机官网-University for the aged on December 3rd ,1986.

      The school is major in the aged education. The educational mission is rich life; Strong mind and body, prolong life, increase knowledge. There are 2500 students and 90 classes in school. The major are calligraphy, freehand landscape, freehand flowers and birds, claborate-style painting, watercolors, the classic, modern literary creation, English, music, computer, keyboard, cooking, dance, photography, hand-woven, health care and so on.

      According to incomplete statistics, there have 20 thousands the retired cadre studied in school since the school was set up. 8,351 paintings and photographic works were selected to large calligraphy and painting exhibitions. Students created lots of poetry works that published on newspapers and magazines. It increased knowledge, edify the sentiment, strengthened the body, enhanced the ability, improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

      10bet手机官网-University for the aged has become the school in which the aged increase knowledge, edify sentiment. It is very popular among old people.
      The new campus of Guangxi 10bet手机官网-University for the aged invested to build in 2012. Under the public morals of respect the old, Zhuohang won the acceptation of the project group with dedicated attitude and excellent quality and realize the wish that serving the old and giving back to the previous generations.

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